Meet the Seeds

The team that develops, grows, transports, and nurtures VioletsHerbs

Zahra Violeta Eleine

Zahra Violeta Eleine C. McCullum is our founder, product developer, horticulturalists, and devoted student of traditional herbal practices. Zahra is passionate about sustainable lifestyles, agriculture, purity, and enterprise, enabling her to assemble VioletsHerbs.

Althea Theresa

Althea Theresa Stephenson Munoz is our lead horticulturalists devoted to increasing yield, improving the vitality, size, and taste of herbs in our garden. Additionally, Althea is a public figure passionate about teaching and sustainability.


Abelardo Munoz is our groundskeeper. He is responsible for upholding and nurturing the area around our garden, maintaining our irrigation systems, and eliminating unwanted weeds, pests, and viruses.


Darren Joseph McCullum is our logistics. He is devoted to providing efficient transportation, set-up, and breakdown of our products and equipment during pop-up shops. Darren also tests all of our products and provides a review from the public's perspective.