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Pure Natural Chebe Hair Growth and Thickening Oil Treatment infused in Chebe Powder Essential Oils and Locally Grown Herbs

Pure Natural Chebe Hair Growth and Thickening Oil Treatment infused in Chebe Powder Essential Oils and Locally Grown Herbs

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Chebe Hair Growth and Thickening Oil Treatment.

We like to keep things traditional and use proven herbalist techniques and recipes to make our oils. Our oils are carefully prepared and packed with nutrient-rich ingredients. We are proud of the decadent, cloudy look of this oil blend because it still has traces of the mother herb in the bottle. By the way, professional herbalists don't keep leaves in the bottle after they create their infusion. We don't have to fake it. We took the time to make it!

Hi, I'm Zahra Violeta,

Thank You for stopping by. It has been a tradition in our family to grow herbs and use them for everyday life. Check out our Social Media pages to see our herb farm. We are a small family of people who care and want to make 100% transparent products at the best quality we possibly can. My mom mostly does the growing, I do the harvesting and herbal preparations, and my daughter does most of the playing and flower sniffing. They call us Violets Herbs because we all carry our grandma Violet with us, and we all have Earthy names. We are very proud of our Chebe Oil Treatment. We did the research to ensure it's packed with goodies to benefit your hair. You can also add it to your hair preparations.

We Love Being Certified! Our products are Certified Louisiana Product ( meaning we grow, make, and ship from Louisiana) and Certified Farm to Table. We stand by organically grown herbs because they have been tested and proven the safest. We use natural fertilizers, and we don't spray our plants with chemicals. Every piece of the puzzle is significant, and we carefully developed our products to be safe yet effective. We take pride in upgrading the regular chebe hair oil recipe with herbalist techniques that are historically beneficial.

*Ingredients: Chebe Powder, Cassia Cinnamon Chips, and Clove Flower Buds infused in Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E Oil, with Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils.

*Our Chebe Hair Growth and Thickening Treatment Oil formula was created to pamper, treat, and feed your hair. As well as experience facilitated hair growth and protected locs(locks). It smells great, too!

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* How to apply - Shake lightly, mixing the mother (plant residue) and the oil. Then, pour or drop a rational amount of the Chebe Hair Growth Oil into your fingertips and massage it into your hair and scalp. Continue use to lock in moisture after washing your hair, as a Warm Oil Treatment, or to renew dry, brittle hair during styling. Best applied to damp hair.

* 100% risk-free purchase: If you have any questions during purchase or use, contact us directly. If any unknown allergic reaction occurs during use, please stop using it and seek help from a professional physician.

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