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Elderberry Honey | Herbal Honey | Elderberry Infused Honey

Elderberry Honey | Herbal Honey | Elderberry Infused Honey

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Elderberry Honey

Elderberries are harvested from a flowering tree belonging to the Adoxacea plant family. The berries wielded in Violets Elderberry Honey are from the Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) tree. They have a tart taste. Elderberries are dried and infused in wildflower honey for four weeks, giving the mixture a rich flavor. Infusing the berries allows the honey to keep Elderberries noted benefits.

Elderberry honey is lovely added to teas, cheeseboards, toast, and smoothies. Traditional Herbalists add elderberry honey to tea or take it as needed by the spoon full.

Do not give to infants under one year of age.

This item is available in 2 oz jars to sample the flavor.

For more information on elderberry benefits and uses, we recommend reading;
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